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Zahid Hasan
Aug 04, 2022
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Previously, when the pandemic was high, many malls were deserted and even closed. Now the mall has returned to normal operation so that people can visit. However, there is also a mall which is still deserted even without visitors there. The woman who owns the TikTok social media account ig_aylaanjani17 shared her experience of entering the mall without visitors. "Wrong entry to the mall," wrote the video as quoted by, Tuesday (02/08/2022). Video footage shows the condition of one of the malls in Medan. The mall is very quiet. There were no visitors apart from the video recorder woman and her husband. From downstairs to upstairs not a single person was seen there. "I swear this mall is really scary, there's not even one person here. There's no one in the mall, it's a ghost mall," said the woman, pointing the camera around the mall. Not Industry Email List even a single employee from the shops in the mall was seen. Even though the shops in the mall are all open. This woman revealed that she went to the mall at 2:27 pm. It should be that the mall is still busy with visitors. "Just recently entered the mall but really no one is even guarding the mall," he said. Goosebumps Mall Without Visitors There were no visitors except the video recorder and his friend. (TikTok/ ig_aylaanjani17) There were no visitors except the video recorder and his friend. (TikTok/ ig_aylaanjani17) As of this writing, the video has been viewed 1.9 million times. The video upload was immediately flooded with various responses from netizens who watched it. There are netizens who suspect that malls can be that quiet because of changes in the way people shop now, preferring to go online. There are also netizens who have experienced the same incident with the woman and feel goosebumps. "It's a special mall for my sister," wrote a netizen. "Already moving to live TikTok selling," said another. "If you know it's quiet, why come in, Sis, right from the start the entrance has been seen if there's no one there," said another.
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Zahid Hasan

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