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Robinrobi Seo
Jun 12, 2022
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Editor's introduction: The essence of the game is a complete set of mechanisms with rules, so the work can also be viewed from a new perspective of gamification. The author of this article shared the BA demand analyst's workplace game upgrade strategy. Interested Let's category email list take a look together, I hope it helps you. Everything can be played. The author of "Games Change the World", Jane McNigel, once put forward a point of view: The game world is a better world than the real world. Games can make up for the shortcomings and defects of the real world. Gamification category email list can make reality better. Gamification is not to teach us to play life with a playful attitude, but to give us a new perspective on our work and life. The reason why the game itself is extremely attractive is that it has built a set of mechanisms centered on "goals, rules, and feedback". It gives category email list you a grand goal, a complete set of rules, and when you reach your goal, you can receive timely feedback and strong incentives category email list from the game - "You are great! You have completed the task! You have leveled up!" This article will try to deconstruct the career development path of BA (Business Analyst, business demand analyst) with a "gamification" attitude, hoping to give you a new perspective or some inspiration. 1. What kind of game is this? Come on, let's imagine - you're now a brand new player with an unfamiliar game. The name of the game is "BA Online", it is a simulated reality holographic game, the theme is "workplace inspiration, strategy development, fair competition, team making friends". In this game, your role is BA (Business Analyst). And you are not alone, fighting alone, in category email list order to achieve various tasks in the game, you need a reliable team, they may include: PM (Project Manager, Project Manager): Responsible for arranging troops, increasing revenue and reducing expenses, presiding over justice, and welcoming guests. TL (Tech Lead, technical category email list person in charge): Responsible for controlling the technical direction, its people are often talented, happy to educate people, stand tall and look far ahead, and lead the way.
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Robinrobi Seo

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